La Dolce Far Niente.

Driving from Salerno on Autostrada A3 and picking up the SS163 at Vietri sul Mareon, I catch my first sweeping view of the Amalfi Coast with its cliff-edged promontory. “The road with 1,001 turns” is a hair-raising, vertigo-inducing experience.

"A dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there but becomes beckoningly real after you are gone.” - John Steinbeck in 1953 describing the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi town is perfectly positioned right on the water - food, beach and gelato - all located at convenient walking distances to each other. There are quieter towns (Ravello) and more stylish ones (Positano), but Amalfi has the perfect sense of place. The Sirens in Homer’s Odyssey lured sailors to their doom on a rocky island. According to local tradition, that island lies just off the Amalfi Coast. 

Watching the sun set over the town of Maiori … I am embracing la dolce far niente.

Text and Photos by VJ Singh | Far/Back | Amalfi, Italia | July 2014


Colosseum - Rome - Italy (von mariocutroneo)

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"…we’re okay."